Shocker XLS Electronic

The Shocker XLS paintball marker is an upgraded version of the RSX platform, offering improved performance and ergonomics. It comes with a color-matched Freak XL barrel and .687 insert, and has an autococker threaded back. The internal volume of the Shocker XLS has been increased, reducing the operating pressure to 145 psi. The regulator has been optimized for faster recharge and easier maintenance.

The extended platform of the Shocker XLS offers improved ergonomics, with a larger grip frame and regulator. It also comes with a factory-fit regulator grip.

The trigger system has been refined, with a reshaped trigger guard for greater comfort and a simplified trigger mounting for easier maintenance.

The air source adapter has been redesigned with player feedback, featuring a recessed knob and deeper grooves for easier manipulation.

The Shocker XLS also includes upgraded hardware, such as a feed tube thumb wheel and larger hardware in frequent use areas to increase its lifespan. The OLED screen cover has been improved for increased water and debris resistance.