Shocker CVO Mechanical

The Shocker CVO paintball marker is the latest addition to the Shocker Paintball lineup, joining the Shocker XLS. The Shocker CVO features a purely mechanical control system with a cam-actuated pilot valve, providing a smooth and efficient shooting experience. One of the key features of the Shocker CVO is its fully adjustable trigger, which can be easily adjusted without disassembling any parts of the marker.

The Shocker CVO also has a roller-actuated pilot valve, made of precision-machined aluminum and designed to minimize friction and wear. The Shocker CVO is equipped with the Freak XL barrel, featuring modified Autococker threads and All-American porting for accurate shots with minimal sound.

The Shocker CVO is hose-free, with all gas paths machined through the ASA grip frame, pilot valve, and body. The marker’s spool valve power plant, the XLS skeleton bolt, provides smooth shooting with minimal recoil. The Shocker CVO is highly efficient, with a closed gas supply and consistent velocity, making it a top choice for serious paintball players.