Shocker AMP Electronic

The Shocker AMP, or Advanced Modular Platform, is a high-end electronic paintball marker that has undergone numerous updates and improvements over the years. This latest version, released in 2020, boasts a completely redesigned bolt system that provides a 20% increase in efficiency compared to the previous model, the XLS. The bolt system features a Twist-Lock design for tool-less removal and operates at an impressively low 110psi, making it gentle on paint and less likely to break balls in the breech.

The solenoid valve can also be easily removed without tools for quicker maintenance. The Shocker AMP comes in both electronic and mechanical versions, both of which feature the same internals and bolt system. The main difference between the two is the frame, which can be easily swapped out to transform the marker from electronic to mechanical or vice versa.

The Shocker AMP also includes a newly redesigned body and grip frame for improved ergonomics and handling on the field. Other notable improvements include a two-piece board design for easy switching between electronic and mechanical operation, faster frame removal for easier maintenance, improved water resistance, a slimline reg cover for a sleek appearance, and a compact QEV module for faster response and improved cycle-to-cycle consistency.

The engineers at Shocker Paintball have listened to player feedback and made numerous improvements to make the Shocker AMP the best marker yet.