DLX Luxe X Electronic

Luxe X Skullmonkeys Paintball

About DLX Luxe X Paintball Gun

The Luxe X is the ultimate paintball gun for professional and competitive players. It features the latest technology and a sleek design, making it perfect for dominating the competition. With all-aluminum construction, a multi-piece ported barrel, and a clamping adjustable feed neck, the Luxe X is built to last. It also has an adjustable blade double trigger, anti-chop eyes, and low pressure operation, ensuring accuracy and consistency on the field.

Plus, with simple tool-free maintenance and a rechargeable battery, the Luxe X is easy to maintain and use. In addition, the Luxe X has a full suite of programmable electronics with a unique user interface, as well as ICE coating on the bolt system for minimal wear. This makes it the perfect choice for top professional paintball players looking to win gold trophies around the world. Upgrade your game to the ultimate level with the Luxe X paintball gun.