DLX Luxe ICE Electronic

Luxe ICE Skullmonkeys Paintball

About DLX Luxe ICE Paintball Gun

The Luxe Ice paintball gun has been fully redesigned with a bolt system that reduces pressure by 40psi, making it softer on brittle paint and more efficient. It has also increased its air efficiency by approximately 20%. The previous model, the 2.0 Luxe, could get 1200-1300 shots off a cold 68/4500 air fill, while the Luxe Ice is expected to get around 1500 shots from the same tank.

The gun's internal design has been improved for smooth operation and reduced wear and tear, and its regulator can now be maintained with just one allen key. The Luxe Ice also has a new, lighter weight profile and a redesigned low profile ASA that is easy to maintain. The electronics have been updated with new connectors that make it easy to connect or disconnect any plugs on the board. The gun's body and frame have been milled for a sleek look with amazing contours and design.