DLX Luxe 1.5 Electronic

Luxe 1.5 Skullmonkeys Paintball

About DLX Luxe 1.5 Paintball Gun

The DLX Luxe is a top-of-the-line paintball gun from Smart Parts that boasts impressive features and technology. Its luxurious design and high-quality precision milling make it stand out in the "high-end" gun class, and its tool-less, hose-less design make it easy to maintain and configure on the go. The Luxe has already proven itself in tournament play, with top pro teams like San Diego Dynasty, Philadelphia Americans, and Portland Naughty Dogs achieving victories with it.

Some of the Luxe's standout features include a feather-light manifold, an audible voice that denotes marker status and adjustment mode, tool-less field strip for the firing assembly and eye/detent covers, a beam-break anti-chop eye system, and an integrated piston detent. It is compatible with a standard vertical regulator and screw-in ASA combo and has a Smart Parts barrel thread that fits a variety of barrels. The Luxe also has a fully adjustable trigger with multiple settings and a variety of base firing modes, as well as a rechargeable lithium-polymer power source that allows for approximately 25,000 shots per full charge.