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skullmonkeys paintball jerseys 2022

Skullmonkeys paintball got new jerseys!

Skullmonkeys is a Buffalo Paintball team competing in local tournaments and scenario paintball games, with currently 19 total members. We formed as a team in 2001 with the original founder’s Dave Cooper & Anthony Garver from POW paintball, located in Ransomville, NY. Adam Blouvet has been in charge since 2002 and the team is now ever-expanding. As one of the oldest Buffalo Paintball teams, we grow each year with new recruits who become friends for life.

Our new jersey is a modern take on our original jersey the color scheme was inspired by the Williams 1995 Congo Pinball Machine.

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Created by the very talented Chris Rangel at Undr Industries came up with an amazing design made by Animal Customs.

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