How do you make a paintball mask not fog up?

Prevent Your Mask From Fogging

Thermal lenses combat this by creating a layer of air between the lenses. This acts as insulation, allowing the inner lens to warm up to the temperature inside the mask without contacting the cooler outside one.


As a paintball player, investing in a quality paintball mask is the most important piece of equipment you can own. Not only does it protect your eyes, face, forehead, and ears, but it also enhances your appearance on the field. One of the most frustrating issues players face is a fogged-up mask, which can limit visibility and be dangerous. To avoid this, consider using the following tips:


  1. Invest in a mask with a thermal lens. These lenses are dual-paned, similar to double glazing, and are the least likely to fog up. If you already have a mask with a single lens, check if a thermal lens upgrade is available from the manufacturer.
  2. Ensure the mask fits your face well. Not all masks fit the same, so choose one that fits comfortably and securely, adjusting the strap and position as necessary.
  3. Keep ventilation holes on the goggles clear of obstruction. Hot air needs to escape to prevent fogging.
  4. Wear a headband or headwrap. These will soak up sweat from your forehead, keeping the mask foam dry and reducing fogging.
  5. Keep the lens of your mask clean. Use an anti-fog spray treatment and a microfiber cloth to clean the lens without submerging it in water.
  6. Consider using a fan for your mask to circulate air inside.
  7. Ensure the strap of your mask is up at an angle as opposed to going straight across the back of your head, this will assist with the fit.
  8. Look for paintball masks with fog-resistant coatings. The newest models have a thin coating on the inside of the mask, specifically behind the glasses that help reduce fogging.
  9. Use lens cleaner (also known as anti-fog spray) to reduce misting on the lens. Spray it on and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth, but note that this is not a permanent solution.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can reduce the risk of fogging and ensure your mask stays clear, keeping you safe and enhancing your performance on the field.