Eclipse PAL Loader System: A Budget-Friendly, Battery-Free Innovation

Revolutionize Your Paintball Experience with the Eclipse PAL Loader System: A Budget-Friendly, Battery-Free Innovation


Are you a recreational paintball player, an entry-level enthusiast, or a rental service provider? If yes, then the Eclipse PAL Loader System is your ticket to an exceptional paintball experience. This revolutionary system offers unprecedented performance and reliability, all without the need for batteries or expensive force-fed loader systems.


Introducing the Eclipse PAL Loader System

Designed with budget-friendly, technologically advanced equipment in mind, the PAL Loader System and PAL Enabled markers are breaking barriers in the paintball industry. The system ingeniously utilizes the breech pressure from the PAL Enabled marker to agitate the paintballs within the loader directly. With no external or exposed moving parts, hoses, or components, the PAL System offers a continuous, uninterrupted flow of paintballs into the marker. This is all delivered in an ergonomic, streamlined, and lightweight package.

Battery-Free Operation with Uncompromised Efficiency

The PAL System is 100% pneumatically actuated, eliminating the need for batteries. Its efficient design ensures the marker’s efficiency is unaffected, as it does not waste any air in operation. It’s the perfect example of high-performance equipment that doesn’t compromise on energy efficiency.

Durability and Robustness: Glass-Reinforced Nylon Construction

The PAL Loader guarantees robustness and durability and is constructed with high-end Glass Reinforced Nylon (GRN). Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a daily player, the PAL Loader is built to withstand the rigors of frequent play.


Key Features and Specifications

– No batteries required
– Durable GRN shell
– Available in high-capacity and low-capacity sizes
– Compatible with both 50cal and 68cal paintballs
– Flexible locking lid
– Increased fire and feed rates (with PAL Enabled markers)
– Reduces ball jams
– Available in black, red, and blue


High & Low Capacities

The PAL Loader caters to every player’s preferences and playing style, offering both high and low-capacity models. Whether you prefer a 50cal or a 68cal paintball, both loader capacities have got you covered.

Comparative Specifications: High vs Low Capacity

| High Capacity | Low Capacity |
| Weight: 240g | Weight: 170g |
| Length: 207mm | Length: 170mm|
| Height: 133mm | Height: 104mm|
| Width: 104mm | Width: 87mm |
| 68 Cal Capacity: 220* | 68 Cal Capacity: 100* |
| 50 Cal Capacity: 590* | 50 Cal Capacity: 230* |
| Feed Rate: 10+ Bps | Feed Rate: 10+ Bps |


PAL Compatible Markers

The PAL System is compatible with various markers including EMEK EMF100/EMG100/MG100, EMEK 100*, and ETHA 2 PAL. Please note that an upgrade is required on the original model of EMEK 100.


Versatility at Its Best

Whether you’re running a rental fleet, participating in a big game, or just playing recreationally, the PAL System offers excellent performance and feed rates for those on even the smallest budget. This leaves more money in your pocket to enjoy the game we all love.

The Eclipse PAL Loader System: The Ultimate Battery-Free Loader

Step up your game with the Eclipse PAL Loader System. It’s not just a loader; it’s a game-changer in paintball. Experience the future of paintball today with the ultimate battery-free loader.