Dwell in Paintball Markers: Understanding and Adjusting It for Optimal Performance

If you’re an avid paintball player or a new enthusiast, you’ve likely heard of the term “dwell.” Dwell is a critical setting in paintball markers that can significantly impact the efficiency and performance of the marker. In this article, we’ll explore what dwell is, how it affects your marker’s performance, and how to adjust it for optimal results.

What is Dwell?

In a paintball marker, the dwell refers to the amount of time that the solenoid valve is open, allowing compressed air or CO2 to flow through and propel the paintball out of the barrel. The dwell is measured in milliseconds, and it’s an essential setting that can significantly impact the marker’s firing speed, consistency, and efficiency.

Why is Dwell Important?

Dwell is an essential setting because it determines how much air is released and for how long. The solenoid valve must open long enough to allow the right amount of air to pass through and propel the paintball accurately, but not so long that it wastes air and reduces efficiency. An incorrect dwell setting can cause problems such as inconsistent velocity, chopping paintballs, or poor accuracy.

How to Adjust Dwell?

The dwell setting is adjustable on electronic paintball markers using the marker’s control board or LCD screen. Depending on the marker’s brand and model, you can adjust the dwell by increasing or decreasing the milliseconds on the control board or using an LCD screen.

It’s essential to note that not all markers have adjustable dwell settings, and some markers have other ways to adjust the air flow, such as regulator adjustments. Make sure to consult your marker’s manual or manufacturer’s website to determine if your marker has an adjustable dwell setting and how to access it.

Adjusting the dwell setting on a paintball marker should be done in small increments, usually 1 or 2 milliseconds at a time. After each adjustment, test fire the marker to see the impact on velocity, consistency, and accuracy. Keep adjusting the dwell until you find the optimal setting for your style of play, the type of paintball you’re using, and the environmental conditions.


In summary, dwell is an essential setting in paintball markers that can significantly impact the marker’s performance, efficiency, and accuracy. Understanding the concept of dwell and how to adjust it can help you achieve optimal performance and get the most out of your paintball marker. If you’re unsure about how to adjust the dwell setting or have questions, consult your marker’s manual or a paintball expert for guidance. With the right dwell setting, you can take your game to the next level and dominate the competition.